Contract Management - Its Secrets for SMEs

22 June 2019.Blog

Contract Management Albert Schot Contract Management - Its Secrets for SMEs When we talk about "Commercial Contract Management", the majority think it is about writing terms and conditions. Some perceive it a “claim” task to obtain additional income in projects. This last view is, admittedly, quite common in France. But is this really the Commercial [...]

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entrepreneurship – 3 years later! Schot LLC is 3 years old!

10 April 2019.Blog

I finally found the time writing this blog.Albert Schot What an intensity! If you also experienced a drastic change in life, then you can also relate to what those 3 years were like, after 28 years in a Corporation entering into entrepreneurship. Looking Backward In 2015, I had a vision: Small Medium Businesses are newly [...]

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2016, our first business year

27 February 2019.Blog.#Wordpress

A Retrospective of 2016 Schot LLC is one year old. Within less than a year, the company acquired 16 clients. This quantity of customers speaks for itself: There is an undeniable market demand for Commercial Contract Management A large part of the work was providing ‘general business terms’ as well as establishing ‘standard contract templates’. […]

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The 3 Maturity Levels of Commercial Contract Management

27 February 2019.Blog

Did you ever consider how to measure a company’s Commercial Contract Management efficiency? We consider that 3 maturity levels apply, and those are measurable. Commercial Contract Management Maturity – The 3 Levels Level I – “Implemented, … without escort” Typical Description Commercial Contract Management is handled with either a strong administrative or a legal orientation, […]

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Project failures

26 February 2019.Blog.#Wordpress

Most IT projects fail – Keys to making a success of yours I heard of a company chose an ERP solution to facilitate their core business. The contract value was of 4 Mio $, and implementation was due to end by June 2016. Today (in March 2017), they already had to sign for an additional […]

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