entrepreneurship – 3 years later! Schot LLC is 3 years old!

10 April 2019.Blog

I finally found the time writing this blog.Albert Schot What an intensity! If you also experienced a drastic change in life, then you can also relate to what those 3 years were like, after 28 years in a Corporation entering into entrepreneurship. Looking Backward In 2015, I had a vision: Small Medium Businesses are newly [...]

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2016, our first business year

27 February 2019.Blog.#Wordpress

A Retrospective of 2016 Schot LLC is one year old. Within less than a year, the company acquired 16 clients. This quantity of customers speaks for itself: There is an undeniable market demand for Commercial Contract Management A large part of the work was providing ‘general business terms’ as well as establishing ‘standard contract templates’. […]

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The 3 Maturity Levels of Commercial Contract Management

27 February 2019.Blog

Did you ever consider how to measure a company’s Commercial Contract Management efficiency? We consider that 3 maturity levels apply, and those are measurable. Commercial Contract Management Maturity – The 3 Levels Level I – “Implemented, … without escort” Typical Description Commercial Contract Management is handled with either a strong administrative or a legal orientation, […]

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Project failures

26 February 2019.Blog.#Wordpress

Most IT projects fail – Keys to making a success of yours I heard of a company chose an ERP solution to facilitate their core business. The contract value was of 4 Mio $, and implementation was due to end by June 2016. Today (in March 2017), they already had to sign for an additional […]

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Diagnosis On Contracting Needs

26 February 2019.Blog

Diagnosis of SME’ Needs On Commercial Contracts “Diagnosis On Commercial Contracts Needs” is the first product our company created. Here is the Story Small and Medium Enterprises represent .ca 90% of the all enterprises SME’s have seen their business complexity increase since the last few years, due mainly to amplified: regulations (as GDPR) client’s audits […]

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