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The Art of Balancing Risk with Opportunity

15 février 2016.commercial contract management.#Wordpress

The Art of a Commercial Contract Manager – Balancing Risks with Opportunity  Risks are increasing. And meanwhile, opportunities are getting scarce. Risk averse Mature companies became risk averse. They sure know why: they have been hit hard. Take the Banking industry: they hired compliance teams, implemented processes, bought IT tools to control, etc. They spend […]

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Contract & Commercial Manager – What is it?

26 janvier 2016.Blog

We all know what lawyers job is about and we also know what sales’ or buyers’ do. Auditors, are clear too, so are Finance and Administration staffs, or Project Managers. And Process Engineers or Risk Managers are less frequent, but still, we understand their tasks. Well, what then is a Commercial & Contract Manager’s job? […]

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