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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to the website. Schot Sarl is the data controller.
Schot Sarl collects exclusively the personal data that the user enters and sends on the contact page (i.e. his name and e-mail address, unless the user decides to add any).
The user accepts that entered personal information is collected for the purpose of responding to his message request. No other use (e.g. news letter, advertising, etc.) is performed and no information is voluntarily transmitted to any third party.
The data is kept on the email of the company for approximately 3 months. After which, they are permanently erased, except in case of contractual or legal necessities.
As a user, you retain all of your legal rights (e.g. right of access, erasure, rectification, etc.). Which You exercise anytime by sending an email to


Cookies allow us to measure our audience, by analysing anonymised usage statistics.
You have the option to block cookies. This option is offered to you when you first connect to the site, through the consent settings.

We have no means of control over the process used by third-party providers (such as Google, WordPress, Infomaniak, etc.) to collect information relating to your navigation on the site. However, you can directly consult their privacy policies.

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