Diagnosis On Contracting Needs

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Diagnosis of SME’ Needs On Commercial Contracts

« Diagnosis On Commercial Contracts Needs » is the first product our company created.

Here is the Story

Small and Medium Enterprises represent .ca 90% of the all enterprises

SME’s have seen their business complexity increase since the last few years, due mainly to amplified:

  • regulations (as GDPR)
  • client’s audits and compliance requirements
  • dependencies on third parties
  • uncertainties due to volatility
  • impact of digitalization and AI

At Schot’s we struggled hard in finding ways to ease SMEs in handling such increasing business complexity.

Our challenges was first to find a way to make SME’s aware that all complexity eventually materialize in a contract document. And also, showing how to protect companies from its inherent risks, while actually using contracting to help them improve business.

So we came up with a document that is slightly inspired by the Business Model Canva concept.

We fill this in during an assessment with the business owner or CEO during .ca 1 hours free of charges discussion.

Today’s Result

We have run this with over 50 SME’s

It is always amazing to see the faces of the Founders or CEO’s once we run that assessment. Almost unanimously they said:  » I now understand the contracting challenges my company has. And I know what are the necessary steps we should take ».


This is indeed a simple tool for SME only. For large companies there is the need of something more detailed. But you would be amazed seeing how contracting has become a key issue with simple SME, even Start-Up.


Note: Schot Llc has made SME its current core customer set. We have served over 45 SME clients to date, within a little over 2,5 years of activity.



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